What is TRE and how shaking can help me to stress less and heal trauma.

Have you ever used the expression “I have to shake it off” or “I can’t shake it off”? The dictionary definition of ‘shake something off’ is to get rid of what is unpleasant, undesirable or unwanted. We’re accustomed to linking this saying to letting go and getting rid of things but most of us don’t realise that nature provided us with an in-built tremor mechanism to do just that!

Unfortunately at some point in our evolution, we started to regard shaking or trembling as something negative and embarrassing. So the majority of humans successfully learnt to suppress it.

TRE is a technique that helps the body to activate those tremors. In sessions we bring this mechanism back ‘online’, learning how to befriend the shaking and how to self-regulate so that we can use it to safely unwind the stress and trauma-based constrictions held in the body.

In the aftermath of traumatic events or chronic stress our physiology gets stuck  in the defense mechanism of fight, flight or freeze. Vibrations or tremors are the body’s natural way to complete stress response cycles. Allowing the body to shake in a safe environment of a TRE session is “unstucking” our physiology by slowly calming down the overactive threat-detection structures in the brain and bringing the nervous system back to balance.

Shaking helps us to sense and map our bodies better, it restores a mind-body communication line which may have been disturbed as a result of trauma or chronic stress. With regular practice we are not only more able to feel at home in our bodies but we also make our bodies available to the experience of emotions, even those difficult ones, without getting overwhelmed.

TRE is a body-based technique and even though we are not engaging with the narrative of stressful or traumatic experiences, the associated thoughts and coping behaviours will start transforming too. When we are no longer stuck in the defense mechanism our “inner story” changes.

The best thing about TRE is that once you learn the technique and the tremor reflex is fully back online, this tool is yours for life and can be used as a self-help practice.

Most often reported benefits of TRE include:

  • Less worry and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced symptoms of PTSD
  • Feeling more alive and joyful
  • More energy
  • Less muscle and back pain
  • Feeling more creative
  • Ability to form meaningful, deep relationships with others

How can I learn TRE?

Since March 2020, the global lockdown moved the majority of TRE sessions online. As a community of  TRE providers, we are very excited to be discovering new and creative ways to keep offering TRE even though we can’t run sessions face to face.

I offer both individual and group online sessions.

Following the guidelines for working online, group sessions are open only to people who have done TRE before and know the process.

If you are new to the method, please arrange for a 1-1 session to see how your body is responding to the process. After that we can decide if it would be more suitable for you to join the group or to continue to work with me 1-1.

If you have had a session with me before, or you attended one of my groups, please go ahead with booking.

If you are not new to TRE but I haven’t worked with you before, please email me and we will take it from there.

Group TRE session: Monday at 6pm.

1.5 hours at £12/session

Individual sessions

1 hour at £40/session

This is a discounted fee which I decided to offer during lockdown to make this method more accessible. As of 1st September, the fee will be back to £60/session.