Breath Coaching

In the past few years breathwork has been increasing in popularity and more and more people are interested in utilizing breath as a tool to feel better.

There are a lot of intense and often aggressive breathing techniques out in the world. I tried a lot of them and I see their value but my professional choice is to popularize more subtle and safer approaches. I teach simple, science-based techniques to help you manage stress, sleep better, improve your digestion and balance your energy throughout the day.

Breathing happens naturally but it can be manipulated to regulate the nervous system and change how we feel. Ancient yogis knew it very well and modern science confirmed it. I teach yoga breathing in a secular way. It’s for yoga enthusiasts, yoga sceptics and everybody in-between.

Breathing techniques are organised into 3 categories:

  • Activating – great at the start of the day and at any point where you feel flat and need a boost of energy.
  • Balancing – great at any time when you feel off centre – when you feel wired it will calm you down and if you feel sluggish and unmotivated it will energise you.
  • Calming – SOS breath that you can use when you feel overwhelmed or panic. Done before bedtime it will help you fall asleep.

In my one month long coaching programme I teach six techniques, two from each category as well as some very useful information about breathing. We will meet once a week for a 30 minutes session and you will be doing a very short breathing exercises every day following the recordings that are customized for you. Positive changes will be noticeable soon after we start and after a month of regular practice you will have a well-established habit of using breath to naturally optimize your health and well-being.

Cost: £149

Contact me for a free, non-obligatory discovery session.