Hi, my name is Magda. I am a passionate practitioner and teacher, strongly believing that the difficulties from the past don’t have to define us and that everybody has an ability to heal and live a happy, successful and meaningful life.

I have road-tested it all!

For several years now, I have been on a personal and professional quest to find ways to heal the body, liberate the mind, feel good and live well. I have tried many techniques, methods and approaches and those that I have experienced as the most powerful and transformative, I use in my work and I want to share with you.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Initially, I believed that as our issues and emotional struggles are complex, we need complex and sophisticated cognitive approaches to resolve them. Gaining a better understanding of the nervous system and how important the body is when it comes to healing shifted my focus towards seemingly simple, yet very effective mind-body approaches.

I want to teach you techniques and simple exercises for calming the stress response, reducing anxiety, soothing and regulating how you feel. It’s reassuring to know that even though we can’t control our external environment, with regular practice, support and guidance we can become more resilient and build a robust container for difficult feelings, emotions and the bodily sensations that it triggers.

I am really grateful to have a well-established daily practice and enough knowledge and experience to trust that I can withstand the pressure of difficult times. You too can create your own ‘wellbeing pack’ – a mental health toolkit that you can have readily available for use against the challenges you are facing.

We have an innate ability to heal.

The foundation for my work and personal practice is a belief that there is an innate wisdom we carry within us all.  The body has a natural ability to cope with stressors and return the system into a state of balance and health. The mind-body processes that I use are gateways that offer a safe space and guidance for you to:

  • Activate the healing power of the body and the mind.
  • Strengthen the body brain connection for an enhanced sense of wellbeing.
  • Release stress, held tension and trauma.
  • Reframe the old stories and give them a new context.
  • Get insights and know what to do to live to your full potential

The Fit part of the project

Personal Training completes my ‘ways to wellbeing’ toolbox. Training and movement have always been a big part of my life and a go-to method to feel good. I focus on nurturing ways to stay fit. I am really glad that more and more people are moving away from the “no pain no gain” attitude towards more mindful and holistic approaches that really honor our bodies and abilities. I am a firm believer that movement is medicine.

Qualifications & Professional Bio

In 2013, Magda left her career in the dental industry and qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. A year later she added CBT Coaching into her skillset. As she felt that something was still missing, she kept searching for modalities and concepts that would offer even more successful ways to bridge intellectual understanding and emotional integration. In 2017, she discovered TRE and it was a pivotal point not only in her professional but also her personal life. Magda became a great believer in the wisdom of the body and its importance in healing. Since then, TRE has taken centre stage in her practice and she has been intensely studying and practicing techniques that focus on embodiment, mind-body integration and healing trauma. This includes yoga, breathwork and movement.

Along the way, she finally fulfilled her teenage dream and became a Personal Trainer. She freelanced at London’s Central YMCA and is now training a small number of clients online.

Magda assists at TRE training courses in the UK and is a Trainee Mentor, supervising future TRE providers during their certification process.


  • Yoga Teachers College, Breath Coach
  • Yoga Teachers College, Gravity Yoga TC
  • I-Sky, K1 Kundalini Yoga 200h TTC
  • TRE College, Certified TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises) Provider
  • YMCAfit, Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Personal Training
  • City CBT (CBT Coaching College), CBT Life Coaching Diploma
  • Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • City and Guilds Preparing to Teach in a Lifelong Learning Sector PTTLS, Level 4

Short Courses and CPDs

  • TRE Advanced Training, Psoas and Pelvis
  • TRE Advanced Training, The Art of TRE, 3 days module with dr. David Berceli

NB: I am teaching Kundalini Yoga under the insurance of a student teacher while waiting to receive a full certification.

Photo by Libby Christensen Photography