In this little corner of the internet I offer support and inspiration to stay healthy and well in your body and mind during the lockdown.

I am here so that we can all connect in this difficult time of isolation, release fear, tension and anxiety, meditate, do yoga, breathe, relax and move our bodies.

Online classes, workshops and individual sessions are available.

See What People Are Saying

I absolutely loved my first experience of kundalini yoga with Magda last Friday! Magda is a brilliant instructor – she makes everyone feel comfortable and everything was really easy to follow and try. She was also great at gently nudging us when we weren’t quite doing it right and encouraging us to keep going.

Even now, I still have a lovely, positive feeling from the class! Kundalini with Magda was a great experience – this is the perfect way to get through lockdown, not just fit and sane but happy too!

Martine Purves, Edinburgh

I took my first Kundalini class on Friday and felt so welcomed, supported and strengthened. Also would highly recommend trying the TRE sessions and Magda is able to explain it so well, it is fascinating and releasing. She has so much to share and is offering wonderful ways to help to restore and renew our harmony. Do do check it out x

Trovy Ings - Simpson, Essex

Having known Magda for many years I have witnessed first hand her ‘journey’ into various modalities.  Though personally I’m hugely sceptical of many of these practices I was introduced to TRE and I’m amazed at the results.

It has really helped me to de-stress and relax.  I also get an amazing night’s sleep after a session.  I like the fact that once you learn TRE you can do it as a private practice or continue to go to a group.

Having worked with her in both 1-2-1 and group classes, I can honestly say that Magda is a great teacher. She leads her students gently and confidently through the practice and I can thoroughly recommend her sessions.

Brian Herring, London

I first met Magda at my local gym and quickly discovered her approach and teaching methods were exactly what my mind and body needs. I believe her ethic to wellbeing through her teachings of TRE, meditation and kundalini are applied to the manner in which she teaches fitness. It’s not about how many reps – it’s about awareness and quality of the movement so we get the most benefit out of it. And yes – my muscles ache but my mind feels free! She’s gentle but firm with her students and takes the time to get to know each of us and our individual needs. I feel in safe hands with Magda. For this reason, I decided to be open to new areas of wellbeing and I tried TRE and more recently kundalini yoga. These wonderful discoveries have truly started me on a journey of new beginnings.  Through Magda I feel more in control of my life as a result of feeling healthier, managing stress, anxiety and simply live in the moment where possible.  I accept my past and all it’s important learnings, I embrace every drop of my present and I have faith in what will be.

Lockdown proves one thing – just because Magda is behind a screen – she still inspires. And more importantly she is still there for us. I highly recommend jumping into one of her live online classes at Fit&Sane. She really does prove you can provide mental and physical wellbeing in one package. Oh and you will giggle quite a bit too – another ingredient to happiness.

Luiza dos Santos Cruz, London


Based in London and available worldwide via the gift of the internet.
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